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Bar Stool Facts and Choosing the Right Types

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Bar stools come in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs.Bar stools can be custom designed to meet your specifications and can even include an additional seat.Bar stools that have adjustable backs, seats, or swivel seats are perfect for kitchens or other areas where multiple people can gather for long periods of time, often for several hours.  Counter height bar stools usually measure 35 inches and are a great fit for regular kitchen counters, making them an ideal choice for breakfast bar seating just off of your counter top.  Bar stools that have footrests are perfect for almost any home, especially homes that have limited space.If you have a second floor family room that could use some extra seating, a bar stool with a footrest is a great option for bringing more guests up to your level.


Solid wood bar stools are a good choice for families with children as they are safer for younger relatives to sit on than those made of composite materials or other materials.  Wicker bar stools, although not as comfortable, are also a great option for households with small children as they are easier to clean and maintain.Although wicker furniture is not very common, you may see solid-wood versions of this type of stool, which were once all the rage in luxury homes.Solid wood barstools have the rich feel of wood, combined with the durability of aluminum, providing a sturdier alternative to plastic, composite, or iron-based furniture.When choosing between a wicker or solid wood stool, it is important to consider how easy the stool will be to clean.


Adjustable seat backrest bar stools are another great option for families who may have kids that get up to move around frequently.Bar stools that offer swivel bar adjustments are especially handy when the child has difficulty keeping his or her balance on the seat.  Swivel barstools allow you to adjust the height at which the child sits, which makes them really comfortable for long hours at a time, even allowing them to reach across the counter or eat their meals at eye level.Once again, the key to choosing a swivel bar stool is in finding one that offers comfort as well as durability and style for long periods of time without compromising either.



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