Bed Frames

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A bed is simply a piece of furniture that is intended to be used for sleeping and relaxation. In addition to that, it can also act as a playhouse for kids or a game table for adults. A bed typically consists of two pieces - the frame or the box spring, which encloses the mattress and provides support to the mattress, and the sides or the posts, which support either the legs of the bed or the mattress itself. In most cases, a bed can be classified by the type of materials used to make it. A bed composed of metal may be called a bed. However, if a bed consists of wood, the term bed would apply.

Beds are usually categorized into two types: the ones that allow you to adjust the top portion of the mattress so that you can either lie flat or raise your legs, and those that do not have this feature. While traditional beds had only one top part that allowed the top part of the mattress to be raised or lowered, modern-day beds have a drawer-like opening at the very top part of the mattress, allowing you to adjust the height of the mattress. There are also mini-blinds or curtains, which you can open and close to let in fresh air and light, while blocking out light from outside. A few of the more popular types of modern-day beds are futons, sleigh beds, split box spring mattresses, and futon slip-cages.

Bed frames are the wooden or metallic framework that supports the bottom of the bed. It may also have padding to make the bed feel comfortable, and drawers or shelves for storing clothes and other accessories. Depending on how functional the bed frame is, its price may vary accordingly. Bed frames come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as designs and finishes, from antique to contemporary and everything in between. Before deciding on what kind of bed frame to buy, you may want to look through some bed catalogues or visit the nearest furniture store.




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